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Solingen. Since 2013, the method of local anesthesia with a bolus injector has been applied in the maternity ward of the City Clinic.


25 percent of women, who give birth to children in the City Clinic of Solingen, agree to make the birth pains more tolerable with the help of medications. With such epidural anesthesia (EA), a catheter through which analgesics are injected, is inserted into the epidural space between the vertebrae of the lumbosacral spine. “This leads to clear reduction in the labor pains to the absence of pain sensitivity of the lower half of the trunk,” says Professor Dr. Thomas Standl, chief physician of the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Medicine. With the help of newly introduced bolus injectors, an anesthetic is injected into the catheter at the regular intervals. “A decisive advantage over the constant infusion of analgesics,” explains Thomas Standl.


Dr. Sebastian Hensch, MD, Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the City Clinical Hospital, also fully supports this method, which has not been used in any other clinic of the surrounding area. According to the chief doctor, the patient can dose an analgesic if necessary, while overdosing is excluded and there is no harm for the baby, since the drug does not enter the circulatory system of the future mother. Restrictions on the mobility of the legs and in the pelvic region, which may occur with the use of anesthetics, are also negligible due to the new method.


Along with anesthetics, the clinic also offers traditional methods of reducing pain during labor, such as baths, massages, acupuncture and intramuscular injections with analgesics.


Both new bolus injectors, which are used in obstetrics in the Clinic, can be conveniently tolerated by women in labor due to their size, which is like a pocket book. “We hope that, with the help of this innovative method of anesthetic treatment, when expressing the desire and need from a medical point of view, to facilitate the labor for women as much as the current level of medical research and development of modern technology,” say the doctors.


Every year, 900-1000 children are born in the Clinic of Solingen. Dr. Standl emphasizes that with the use of EA, emotional experience remains with the labor, as in 95% of cases, cesarean section is performed under local anesthesia.


Source: RP online




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