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New mammography: gentle and precise examination of mammary glands

The Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology got a new device for mammography. Completely digital device “Mammomat Inspiration” expands the range of services for diagnosis and treatment of the department of Senology/Mammological clinic, which is headed by Dr. Manuela Seifert as the certified Mammological Center in Solingen.

Mammography is the most widely used method for detecting breast cancer and early stages of tumor development. Nevertheless, many women perceive this examination as an unpleasant procedure. Therefore, an important goal in mammography, along with a high level of diagnostic quality, is the creation of more comfortable methods of examination with a minimum dose of radiation. The new device automatically sets the optimum compression pressure, which avoids unnecessary pressure. Thus, with the minimum radiation dose, an excellent image quality is achieved.


Diagnostics with a small dose of radiation

In addition, the new device for mammography allows you to visualize the structure of microcalcinates and breast tissue. Examinations with a small dose of radiation are ideal for the density and volume of the chest. “The device is designed to make the mammography procedure as comfortable as possible for patients, thanks to low radiation doses and high-precision visualization,” explains Dr. Manuela Seifert.

Professor Rene Lorenz, MD, chief doctor at the Institute of Radiology, points out other advantages that can be enjoyed by attending doctors and radiology doctors: “This is a new technology that provides high-quality images. Thanks to the three-dimensional image, the breast tissue is visualized more differentially and clearly, and the percentage of false positive, as well as false-negative results that arise, for example, due to the application of tissue, can be reduced. In addition, the device “Mammomat Inspiration” is very easy to use and provides quick reception of survey results with excellent image quality.”

Dr Manuela Seifert says: “In this way, the Mammological Center in Solingen (“Bergisches Brustzentrum Solingen”) further extends the already wide spectrum of its diagnostic and treatment services to patients with breast diseases in Solingen and its suburbs.”


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