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On the road with a cancer diagnosis: What should follow?

Can I travel with cancer? Of course, this always depends on the individual case, on the type of treatment and the condition of the patient. However, in general, go on vacation or for the purpose of undergoing a course of treatment, having a diagnosis of “cancer”, it is possible. Still some preliminary preparation and discretion will be required.

According to the German Cancer Society (DKG), there is no need to postpone a pre-planned leave. If possible, it should be taken before treatment if there is no need to start treatment immediately. It is necessary to make a decision, having consulted with the attending physician. Usually, before you go anywhere during the treatment of cancer, you need to take into account the state of the immune system and the possibility of its resistance to microorganisms. According to the information service on cancer, a certain role is also played by the purpose of the trip, hygienic conditions at the place of stay and possible vaccinations that need to be considered in advance.

Medications that must be carried with you during the trip

Cancer Information Service recommends discussing possible risks with the attending physician, as well as the need to monitor blood counts or side effects when taking medications. In most cases, at the place of rest, it is possible to carry out a check by the local doctor. Please take care of the availability of up-to-date test results in order to provide their physician on site if necessary.

According to the Cancer Information Service, in any case, it is necessary to have the contact information of the attending physician, the list of medications taken, the dosage and the leaflet, and pack such aids as a calorie picker, urinary incontinence aids or dressings. It is also necessary to take care of skin care products, including cream from the effects of ultraviolet rays. All cosmetics should be tested in advance for tolerability. To protect the skin from excessive exposure to the sun will also help wide-brimmed hats.

Those who need medical care at the place of rest, above all abroad, should think about medical insurance and costs: will the health insurance fund take the possible costs? Is there any private supplementary health insurance that will reimburse the costs? In certain cases, personal expenses may arise in patients.

What should I adhere to on the trip?

Sometimes moving to a place of rest or treatment takes a lot of time and effort. Perhaps, in the process of taking any medications, you will not be able to drive yourself. Stop the choice on the most convenient for you the form of transport. Talk with your doctor about which antiplatelet drugs or compression stockings you can buy.

Complications during air travel, as a rule, does not arise. If the suture after the operation has been well spent, and you are feeling well, there are no contraindications to the flight. Exceptions are patients who have undergone surgery on the chest, in the abdominal cavity or after trepanation of the skull. The possibility of flight will appear in such patients after a certain period of time.

Source: 32 Beefund Krebs 3/2017


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