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Skin care when diagnosed with cancer

Changes of the skin and skin problems are often a side effect of cancer treatment. The reason for this is, first of all – cell damage skin sredstvandand chemotherapy. Skin cells, like tumor cells, have properties quickly to share. Consequently, they are similarly exposed to drugs. Modern, so-called target-oriented therapies can also lead to skin problems.

What should be taken into account?

When choosing the means to care patients with a cancer diagnosis should pay attention to components, recommends information service cancer. Care products should not contain substances that can further irritate the skin. These include, for example fragrances and alcohol. Too hot or too cold water can irritate the skin – temperature water while having a shower and washing your best to adjust to warm. To clean skin fit soap lotions.

It is also necessary to avoid mechanical irritation caused by the strong rubbing when wiping dry, then it is better to remove moisture, soaking it with a napkin. Clean towels and washcloths for the body relates to the means of good hygiene, but they can accumulate germs, so it is advisable to change them daily, or use the appropriate products disposable. For extra care you can use powder, cream or lotions.

What means on care of a skin to choose?

When choosing care products, you need to pay attention to quality, use high quality, dermatologically tested products. It is best to consult with your doctor what care products and creams are best suited exactly VA. There are recommendations on the use of moisturizers, but in all phases of skin changes it does not make sense and can sometimes do more harm than to provide benefit. In addition, it is important to protect the skin from sun exposure, preferably by means of clothes.

For patients with cancer who undergo radiation therapy, often in hospitals you can receive guidance on how to monitor the irradiated areas of the skin. General rule: the skin in the irradiated area must be protected from irritation that may be caused by clothing or jewelry. In addition, according to the news service for cancer diseases, you need to be careful with medical care in areas that received irradiation and it is better to consult what should be used – especially when there is redness or swelling.
Changes in the skin disappear, as a rule, after cessation of treatment. According to the news service for cancer during radiation therapy skin changes are rare.


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