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Gentle methods of diagnosis for patients with heart disease

Photo: Christian Baer

A new apparatus for heart catheterization in the City hospital, Solingen is one of the most modern drugs in Europe. With this type of diagnostic radiation exposure is lower. The device is also used private practitioners.

Clinic of cardiology and General internal medicine is the second largest therapeutic specialized Department, which undergo inpatient treatment for more than 4600 patients. In the clinic in the presence of the two cardiac catheterization, one of which has now been superseded by the modern device. "This is one of the most modern units in Europe," says Professor Hans Martin Hoffmeister, chief physician of the clinic. - "New device use, including, and private practitioners".

Visualization on eight monitors

Eight monitors, there is depicted the results of previous examinations of the patient, the heart is visualized with the strong increase, the visual quality is excellent, so that doctors can use when examining more subtle catheters. "Today, the diameter of the catheter exceeds the diameter of the needle for infusion," explains Dr. Hans Martin Hoffmeister. – "In most cases, catheters are inserted through arteries of the legs, sometimes also installed in the patient's arm. First, there pass treatment patients with acute heart attacks. Treatment of occluded vessels of patients, and minimize the consequences of the disease. Second, the laboratory conducted an important survey. If there is narrowing of the blood vessels, it can be immediately removed with the stent or support structure to maintain the blood vessels, in order to avoid bypass or at least delay the operation."

Feature of the new device, chief physician, is to visualize from both sides. In this case, the patient only once injected contrast agent, which makes the procedure more gentle to the kidneys. "We are dealing increasingly with patients who are already experiencing kidney failure," says Mr. Hoffmeister - "For them this procedure is particularly useful and, in addition, the radiation dose is lower".

Changes of the coronary arteries can occur in men at a young age, women have vascular calcification usually occurs 15 years later. Someone who develops a heart attack, should as soon as possible to get to the clinic. After all, no matter how advanced are the methods of treatment, since every second counts.

"The most common symptoms of heart attack are chest pain, shortness of breath and nausea. In such cases it is urgent as soon as possible to get into a specialized clinic equipped with laboratory cardiac catheterization," advises Dr. Hans Martin Hoffmeister.

Author: Anne Marie Kister-Preuss


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