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Shortly before the wedding, the actor was treated by a surgeon from Solingen

News Of Westphalia, 04.10.2014


News of Westphalia, 04.10.2014


A few days before his wedding with Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney was treated at the Hospital in Solingen. His doctor, neurosurgeon. Ralph Buhl, lives in Hiltrup and for the first time talks about his famous patient.


Photo: German News Agency


Private docent Ralf Buhl, MD, from Munster, currently residing in Hiltrup, the chief doctor of the Clinic of Neurosurgery in the Hospital in Solingen, became a celebrity. Despite media hype, he continued to remain silent. Today, for the first time, he tells the news to the journalists of Westphalia News. Boule is a Munster.


Author Michael Grottendik


What a news! George Clooney heals a back injury in Germany. When about a month ago this news spread around the world, tabloid journalists immediately had many questions. Why Solingen? In addition, who is that doctor who should bring in the form of a Hollywood actor to his wedding with Amal Alamuddin?

Ralph Buhl, MD, talks about his famous patient for the first time

Private docent, Ralph Buhl, MD, the chief doctor the Neurosurgery Clinic at the Hospital in Solingen, became a celebrity. Despite media hype, he continued to remain silent. Today, for the first time, he tells the news to the journalists of Westphalia News. Boule is a Munster, but lives in Hiltrup.

In a conversation with the journalists of the Westphalia News newspaper, he reveals the secret that while Clooney was his patient, he lost two kilograms, and that on the last weekend, when he was viewing photos from the wedding of the famous couple, his attention was riveted solely to the groom.

Since 2009, Dr. Ralph Buhl is the chief doctor in the City Hospital in Solingen. Before that, he worked at the Clemens Hospital in Münster. Moreover, even earlier in the University Clinic of Kiel. He continues to live in Münster simply because he likes this city. “No wonder it is the most comfortable city for living in the world”.

His family has already settled in Hiltrup, and he himself is a frequent visitor to the football club “Proissen Münster”, his son plays football for the football club of Munster, his wife works in the Hospital “The Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ” (Herz-Jesu-Krankenhaus). In a word, Buhl feels great in Munster.


Doctor’s reputation as an excellent neurosurgeon

His reputation as a neurosurgeon goes far beyond Germany. In China, as well as in the US, he is known for his lecturing activity. He had patients from Moscow, Toronto and African countries. “All this was founded by my predecessor, I just continue his work,” Dr. Buhl says modestly.

How did George Clooney contact him? “Thanks to my lecturing work and the worldwide network, they learned about me in America. After that, everything happened by itself,” Buhl said meaningfully.


The doctor from Hiltrup learned about the arrival of Clooney two days before it

What at first glance sounds so simple meant for the 47-year-old doctor a lot of stress. The news of the actor’s arrival was reported to him just two days before. He did not have the faintest idea of what Clooney might need. He began to look for information on the Internet, and after a while, he came across a well-known story about an accident during the filming of the film “Sirian”. Clooney repeatedly shared with the public with their problems, often talked about the pain that he feels so far.

During the stay of the actor in Italy, about one month before the wedding, he had severe pains. On the return flight to the United States, his attending doctor was out of the question. Clooney turned to the Hospital in Solingen. As soon as this news spread around the world, the provincial city found itself in an exceptional situation, and the Clinic was besieged by journalists all day round.

“Most of what was written does not correspond to reality,” Buhl tells with a slight smile about the coverage of this event by the reporters of the yellow press. He confirms that Amal Alamuddin accompanied the actor. His meeting with both of them was very pleasant. There is even a little time left for a small informal conversation, and to take a picture for memory. “This photo will remain in the family album”.


SMS from George Clooney

He makes no secret of the fact that the treatment of the actor was a test for him. “If something went wrong, it would be reflected on me,” says Buhl. “I am not a magician,” he says. “We [the doctors] are not gods, either.” The tension was so great, says Buhl, “that I lost two kilograms”. For four hours, Clooney was in the Hospital. After that, he (the doctor) did not hear anything from him. Well, that is not entirely true. He received a text message from Clooney. Concerning its contents, the doctor did not say anything, but it certainly was not an invitation to the wedding of the famous couple.

Thus, Buhl had time to enjoy the game “Proissen”. Photographs from the wedding of the actor in Venice, he looked with particular interest. By the eyes of the surgeon. What he saw made him relieved. “The photos show that Clooney feels more or less good”.


Ralph Buhl, MD

Photo: the Hospital in Solingen


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