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Women often recognize changes in the breast. Each, even the smallest change in the breast should be examined by a gynecologist. However, not every palpable change is malignant. It is often a question of benign nodular structures of connective tissue or cystic formations.

Diagnostics has leading importance. For this purpose, our clinic has various visualization methods of examination:

- Ultrasound examination of the breast with high resolution

- Digital mammography

- Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with high resolution

If during the ultrasound examination an impairment is detected, which requires further specification, it is possible to perform the high-speed biopsy. For this, under local anesthesia, small samples from altered breast tissue are taken. Histological examination of tissue samples is performed at the Institute of Pathology of our Clinic, so the diagnostics can be established within 24 hours.

In addition, we offer the following services:

- Obtaining additional medical advice regarding diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases (ultrasound examination, consultation, surgery planning)

- Consultations for patients with diagnosed breast carcinoma, for example, as part of screening

- Counseling and drawing up conclusions before operations on the breast (e.g. breast reduction, congenital defects)



Treatment depends on whether it is benign or malignant disease of the breast. You will receive detailed consultations, as well as participate in all stages of treatment.

The main direction of our Breast Cancer Clinic is in the treatment of breast cancer.

Treatment of breast cancer consists of several possible stages of treatment:

- Operation

- System therapy (for example, chemotherapy, therapy with antibodies)

- Radiation therapy



Organ-saving operations and oncoplastic surgery of the mammary glands

Resections corresponding to a specific type of tumor

Diagnostics of sentinel lymph nodes (signaling lymph nodes), as well as sparing removal of lymph nodes

Breast reconstruction immediately after removal of the breast with preservation of skin

Secondary breast reconstruction after a short time after operation (at the end of treatment). Reconstruction can be performed by implantation (silicone prosthesis/tissue expanders/permanent tissue expanders) or using own tissues from the peritoneum or back (so-called flap plastics).


Types of systemic therapy

In the Clinical Hospital of Solingen, it is possible to perform chemotherapy, as well as other types of systemic therapy.


Radiation therapy

The medical practice of radiation therapy at the Clinical Hospital of Solingen is widely known.


Oncological board of doctors

The planning of treatment for our patients is performed within the framework of an interdisciplinary oncological board of doctors. During the board of doctors, specialists from different specialized fields take part in the treatment, explain the process of further medical and/or radiotherapy, after which a treatment plan is developed in accordance with the latest provisions of the recommendation character and taking into account the individual situation of the patient. We report the treatment plan in the course of an individual conversation, in which the spouse/partner or relatives can take part. All treatment activities can be conducted at the Clinical Hospital of Solingen.


Plastic operations

In addition to interventions in the field of cancer surgery, we also offer the following types of plastic surgery:

- Breast reduction surgery

- Breast augmentation surgery

- Breast lifting and correction


Accompanying events

At all stages of treatment of your disease you are accompanied by the following specialists:

- Psychologist (specialist in psycho-oncology)

- Nurse specializing in the field mammology

- Specialist in the field of physiotherapy

- Specialist in the field of analgesic therapy


Proposals for providing support

Thanks to many years of experience, our clinic has at its disposal a close network of cooperation with partners who will help you cope with your illness:

- Contacts with self-help groups

- Organization of reception of auxiliary materials

- Organization of final rehabilitation

- Providing contact information for social services


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