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(head: Dr. Manuela Seifert, MD)

In our Senology department (officially certified Breast Cancer Center – Bergisches Brustzentrum) we treat all diseases of the breast including breast cancer. Modern breast cancer therapy very often requires the combination of different methods such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiatiotherapy. All modes can be offered at our center. All cases of our breast cancer patients are frequently discussed in our interdisciplinary tumor board. The tumor board consists of specialists from every oncologic department, e.g. surgery, medical oncology, radiology, pathology and others.

We offer

Second opinion on diagnosis and therapy of diseases of the breast

Counseling of patients with histologically proven breast cancer

Genetic counseling and information on familial breast and ovarian cancer


Diagnostic techniques

High resolution breast sonography (ultrasound)

Digital mammography

High resolution MRI


Breast Surgery

Breast preserving surgery

Onco-plastic surgery


Early reconstructive surgery, skin-sparing mastectomy, nipple-sparing mastectomy

Primary and secondary reconstruction of the breast (with or without breast implants), also microsurgically

Breast reduction and enlargement


Gotenstraße 1, 42653 Solingen 
+49 212 547 69 13  l  +49 177 540 42 70  l  +49 173 203 40 66
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