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Therapeutic resuscitation and intensive therapy

Therapeutic resuscitation and intensive therapy allows us, using the most modern technical capabilities to treat the most seriously ill patients suffering from various internal diseases. In this category are patients with acute myocardial infarction, severe cardiac arrhythmias, acute pulmonary embolism, acute poisoning, patients in shock resulting from blood poisoning (sepsis) or hemorrhage (e.g., gastrointestinal tract), or patients with acute diseases of the lungs (such as pneumonia, severe cases of asthma, "shock" lung), and these are just a few examples.

The doctors are all specialized therapeutic departments are involved in the treatment of patients in accordance with a variety of paintings disease. Due to the wide use of technology, we are able to save patients life and to give them a chance to recover. Sometimes it becomes necessary to use mechanical means to overcome periods when the patient has a temporary loss of the vital functions of the body. It is an account of high value hardware medicine in the Department of reanimation and intensive therapy of particular importance to specially trained medical and paramedical staff has an individual care for the patients entrusted to them.

Our Department of resuscitation and intensive therapy has at its disposal 14 seats, which can be continuous measurement of all important parameters of blood circulation of patients (ECG determination of heart rate, measurement of noninvasive blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation). These parameters can be queried directly, and through a Central structure condition monitoring of patients. Additionally, you may need to install a urinary catheter (to measure the amount of urine output), venous Central catheter (for measuring pressure, for the introduction of fluids or medication), blood (for determination of blood gas composition or invasive blood pressure measurement) or the installation of a catheter to monitor the patient's circulatory system. Some patients arrive in the resuscitation and intensive therapy only for (preventive) supervision, so we were able to immediately recognize sudden deterioration of the patient and carry out effective treatment. In General, in our Department of intensive care unit annually receive treatment for about 2.800 patients.

As a Supplement to our intensive care unit and intensive care is equipped with places for intensive care patients (Intermediate-Care) (4 beds for observation of patients ' condition, equipped with monitors) primarily for patients with suspected incipient myocardial infarction (coronary care unit). Also, the office works closely with the interdisciplinary Department for the treatment of patients with stroke (ISE) under the General supervision of the Medical clinic No. 3 Clinic of neurology.


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