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According to the generally accepted opinion, today mammography remains the main method of examination for early detection of breast cancer. It is used in several countries as a screening method for early recognition of breast cancer. This is especially important at such stages, when the tumor can still be removed while preserving the breast. In this context, another area of application is the marking of suspicious foci before surgery to narrow the area of surgery, and radiography to determine if all suspicious foci were detected.

When is the mammogram shown?

As part of a screening, the mammographic examination is recommended at intervals of 1 year beginning at the age of 40 years. The exception is women who have a high risk of breast cancer because of family history (for example, breast and/or ovarian cancer in the family). Mammography is also indicated in post-operative dispensary monitoring of breast cancer recovery. In these cases, the optimal examination time is determined individually.

The best time for examination is the second week of the cycle, provided that the hormones have not been applied. Pregnancy should be excluded.


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