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Bozica Luketic is a senior obstetrician at the City Clinical Hospital in Solingen. About 3,000 children were born in the “city of blades” with her help.

This Wednesday, shortly before Christmas, all four maternity halls in the City Clinical Hospital are busy. Only one and a half hours ago there was born a little Marlon, who now, along with his parents, waits until he is transferred to the department. “In just a few hours everything here again may look different. It can also happen that everything will be quiet and calm. This work is always unpredictable”, says Bozica Luketic, a senior obstetrician at the clinic. Moreover, this is exactly what is beautiful in this profession: “Birth cannot be planned. After all, children are born when they want”.

51-year-old obstetrician is well aware of what she says: since 1983, she has been working as an obstetrician, since 1987 she has been working at the City Clinical Hospital, since 2000, she has been running a team of obstetricians out of 15 people. Approximately 3,000 children in the “city of blades” were born with her help.

Bozica Luketic never wanted another job: “My mother wanted me to become a nurse. Nevertheless, I could never imagine a profession other than this”.

Thanks to the stories told by an elderly obstetrician in a village in Croatia, in which Bozica Luketic has grown up, she already at the age of 14 knew exactly which profession she would choose: “The stories of this woman who, walking, with a bag on her shoulder, reached the most remote villages, once simply fascinated me”, Bozica recalls. At the age of only 15, after graduation, Bozica Luketic goes to the great city of Zagreb, where she graduates from a complex training program and qualifies for an obstetrician. When just a few years later she came to Germany, her chance was the shortage of obstetricians at that time: Luketic began his work at the clinic as an intern, was attested at the school of obstetricians in Wuppertal, in 1988 received a German diploma and could, at last, to begin work in the clinic as an obstetrician.

This is multifaceted nature of this work, which attracts it to this day: “There is no other such profession in which so much depended on nature, like obstetrics. Many people underestimate this very responsible job. There is always a need for full physical participation and absolute presence. An obstetrician is not only the person who leads the birth, but also a psychiatrist, a pediatrician, and sometimes even a consultant on marriage issues”, says Bozica. Moreover, there is always only one priority: “It does not matter to us whether it is a girl or a boy. For us, it is important only that the child is healthy, so that they and their mother feel good”. In addition, in spite of the fact that in the past few years much has changed in this profession, however, the main thing remains the same: “Children are born in the same way. However, women today are more informed; they know what they want, they are eager to participate in the process of giving birth, to contribute. We allow women to survive the natural process of childbirth. Previously, our task consisted, first, in the provision of medical care. Today, women want more support”.

She works differently from her role model, that is, that old Croatian obstetrician, thanks to whom she came to this profession, says Bozica Luketic, but that is good. “I use all the possibilities of this profession; I offer courses in preparation for childbirth, as well as care and supervision of the woman in childbirth and the newborn in the postpartum period. Of course, in this case, the work is freer than in the clinic, although here we are bound by strict regulations of the law. Therefore, it is impossible to work here as a rural obstetrician, as I wanted it from the beginning”.

Many years of professional experience gives self-confidence, and at the same time never allows her to turn her work into a routine, says Mrs. Luketic. “Each birth must be individual, and every act of birth requires respect”. If the infant Jesus was to be born in the clinic today, Bozica Luketic would not be able to attend: she has a weekend for Christmas. "However, when the time comes for the birth of the “New Year’s Child”, I have a good chance of helping him to see this world”, says 51-year-old Mrs. Luketic.

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Author: Maxine Herder



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