The clinic of pediatric and yuvenile medicine


In the Clinic of Pediatric and Juvenile Medicine, there are presented diagnostics and treatment of almost all diseases specific of this age category. Particular attention is paid to seriously ill children and children with “non-pediatric” diseases.

Our clinic offers accommodation in the rooms that are fully suited to children and meet their age requirements. The child is constantly under supervision of professionals and surrounded by attention and care.

In addition to pediatricians, to the treatment of childhood diseases, we involve highly specialized specialists, including physiotherapists from other departments of the Clinic. This approach helps to achieve excellent results in the treatment and diagnostics of diseases.

No less important factor for the child is comfortable well-being during treatment, and as we know, parents are the main people who make their child feel safe and secure. Therefore, staying with children together with parents is a very important factor for us, we try to provide the favorable atmosphere, reduce the slightest stress that the child can suffer during treatment.

We work for you.

Head Doctor of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences Volker Soditt



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