Rehabilitation after prostate cancer

According to the German Cancer Society (DKG), rehabilitation should alleviate or prevent the body, social and occupational consequences caused by cancer.

Proposals for medical rehabilitation

What concerns activities for medical rehabilitation?

According to DKG, this is medical and nursing care and therapy, psychosocial support to improve the quality of life and overcome the disease. Fear and depression must be overcome with the help of physiotherapy exercises, physical work should resume, and fatigue syndrome (fatigue) and psychosocial stresses should be alleviated.

According to the Cancer Information Service, men should undergo further rehabilitation, especially those who undergo surgery or radiation therapy. Therapy is carried out in the hospital immediately after treatment in the Clinic, if the state of health allows it. Otherwise, it would be better to rehabilitate a little later. In the event that the consequences of the disease and treatment are still very extensive or should be prevented, then stationary rehabilitation is advisable.


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