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Lily, Balti, Moldova


A couple of years ago, the doctors diagnosed mom coronary heart disease. Like anything scary like that. Sure every third man after the age of 50 years, has something similar. But still, there are some risks. Who faced with similar, knows about the problems with a continual shortness of breath, occasional seizures, and so on. In General, our medicine hopes not. Cardiologist advised to have coronary bypass surgery, but we doubted the quality of this mini-operation in our institutions. Simply put, I do not believe I that the quality and price match. Thought to go to Moscow, but then a friend advised me to look for something abroad, saying that will be cheaper than in the same Moscow, and the quality is better. Chose between Israel and Germany, but opted for the second. After reviewing the prices, I realized that the clinic in Solingen, us. The guys from between. Department – you super. That's honestly probably the same amount or even more, spent on the Moscow doctors, and the quality of not only the treatment but also the content it would be worse. Everything went fine, mom quickly recovered and we were able to return home. But the main thing – the work of the staff and facilities. They were worth every penny on them.

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