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Review from: George Semkin


My father (67 years) in June-July 2013, was treated in Solingen, Stadtisches Klinikum. Cancer of the trachea with the lung metastases. The tumor in the trachea discovered in September 2015. It in the 62nd hospital to be treated, in fact, refused. We ended up in Germany.
During the first (week) of the visit was a General checkup. The surgery had to be abandoned for medical reasons.
Unfortunately, a set of further options was not very large. The case was brought to the hospital consultation. It was suggested that the combination of tumor irradiation with the treatment of "antibodies". This treatment method for some reason is almost never used in Russia (at least, on the websites of the major Russian cancer centers to find him failed).
The clinic has quite a decent and inexpensive hostel where you can stay and where you can go for treatments (irradiation and IV).
There is a feeling that the treatment worked. A control CT scan is planned for early September in Moscow. The results will be send to Germany, hope for the best. Link to the opinion in the original

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