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Vladlena Potapova, Moscow


Almost 5 years suffered from headaches, thought migraine. Right here is the terrible pain that was ready to kill someone, but rather shoot yourself in the head. In general, how many did not run on the doctors, everyone claimed that an operation was needed. Money spent on all this bustle Nemer. Let's go on vacation, where one elderly couple of Germans (hotel neighbors) were told to contact Dr. Boole in Germany. Returning immediately contacted the clinic. I was surprised by the fact that they asked me to take notes before my arrival, when my head hurts, what time it starts, how long it lasts. In short, after being examined by Buhl, he canceled my medications that I had taken before, and did not even have an MRI. Said it is not necessary. That honestly strongly doubted. But after taking the medicines prescribed by the doctor and his examinations, the pain began to pass and for the first time I was happy. Thanks to the doctor who not only helped me, but also saved our finances considerably, thanks to his professionalism.

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