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At the Institute of Pathology the following services are rendered: microscopic examination of tissue samples and therapeutic surgical specimens. First of all, therapeutic biopsy is conducted (tissue sampling to clarify the diagnosis). For example, in gastroscopy, a piece of mucous membrane is removed, or if tissue is suspected for the presence of breast cancer using a puncture needle. These samples are fixed in formalin and then prepared, so that they can be filled up with paraffin wax. After this, the paraffin blocks are cut into thin strips, laid on a slide, tinted and covered with glass lids. These colored slides are analyzed under a microscope. Clinical conclusion is entered in the accompanying paper. Then, you can also make a histological diagnosis.

Specimens, coming from the operating room, are also cut in our Institute, prepared and examined for the presence of pronounced edges for their subsequent removal. In examination of tumors, the main question is whether the cells are benign or malignant. When drawing up a medical report, for example, in case of intestinal cancer, the classification of the tumor is crucial for subsequent treatment. In this case, in particular, the depth of lesion and the number of affected lymph nodes are determined. For breast or stomach cancer, additional examinations are also performed to decide whether to conduct hormonal therapy or chemotherapy.

Another direction of the pathology is urgent diagnostics during the operation, so-called urgent histological examination. Final diagnosis can often be made when the patient is still on the operating table.



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