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The team at the neurological clinic treats the entire spectrum of neurological diseases. In the rooms of our clinic, Prof. Dr. Dihne and his colleagues use most modern examination methods and treat patients according to the latest scientific standards. Through close interdisciplinary co-operation with the more than 15 specialist disciplines at Solingen Hospital, the Department of Neurology also guarantees comprehensive care for his patients.

The Department of Neurology is a nationally and internationally renowned centre of excellence for epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson's disease.

Our diagnostic services include EEG (electroencephalography), including LZ EEG and video EEG for the investigation of disorders of consciousness and the diagnosis of epileptic seizures, as well as transcranial Doppler sonography and duplex sonography to detect circulatory disorders of the brain. In addition, we specialise in the treatment of Parkinson's patients, who are treated intensively for 1-3 weeks in our inpatient Parkinson's complex treatment, as well as in neurological intensive care medicine for the treatment of severely damaged neurological patients. We also specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral neurological diseases such as polyneuropathies and botulinum toxin treatment. With these resources, we offer cutting-edge care for patients with neurological diseases.


Gotenstraße 1, 42653 Solingen 
+49 212 547 69 13  l  +49 177 540 42 70  l  +49 173 203 40 66
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