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Center of Hematology and oncology

The Hematology and Oncology Center at the Solingen City Hospital at the University of Cologne specializes in the treatment of complex oncological diseases and hematology diseases in all areas. The oncology department was specially created by a separate Patient Center, where the best German doctors and professors with extensive experience and innovative knowledge in the treatment of breast cancer, pancreatic and stomach cancer, tumors of the spinal cord and brain, and many others were gathered.

The concept of "oncological disease" is an extensive class of diseases affecting all organs and systems in the human body. Today, “cancer” is perceived as one of the most negative diagnoses and sounds like a sentence for the patient. The academic clinic Solingen at the University of Cologne with a team of oncologists work every day and strive to dispel this myth. Every day, hundreds of patients undergo consultations, diagnostics and treatment, both surgical and radiosurgical and medical.

In the clinic, patients receive new hope and confidence in their health, receive personal care and support from professionals in their field.

The Oncology Center continuously conducts scientific and clinical research to confirm existing methods of treatment and search for new ones for patients suffering from oncological diseases.

Hematology and Oncology center specialization. Center specializes in the treatment of the following diseases:


  • colon cancer;
  • esophageal carcinoma;
  • stomach cancer;
  • rectal cancer;
  • pancreas cancer.

2. Gynecology:

  • cervical cancer;
  • uterine cancer;
  • ovarian cancer.

3. Neurosurgery:

  • brain tumors;
  • meningioma;
  • astrocytoma;
  • glioblastoma;
  • pituitary tumor.

4. Urology:

  • kidney cancer.

5. Breast Cancer Center:

  • mammary cancer

6. Center of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • bladder cancer;
  • pancreas cancer;
  • rectal cancer;
  • pancreas cancer.

7. Hematology:

  • lymphoma;
  • blood cancer / leukemia;
  • lymphoblastoma;
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma;
  • multiple myeloma;
  • Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas;
  • Chronic myeloproliferative diseases.

Leading oncologist clinics:

1. Breast Cancer Center:

  • Dr. med. Dr. Sebastian Hensch
  • Dr. med. Dr. Manuela Seifert

2. Cancer center of the gastrointestinal tract:

Professor Boris Pfaffenbach

3. Spine Center, Neurosurgery:

Dr. med. Dr. Ralph Buhl

4. Onco-ENT Center:

  • Professor Andreas Sesterchen
  • Professor Boris Pfaffenbach
  • Dr. med. Dr. Ralph Buhl
  • Professor Rene Lorenz
  • Dr. med. Dr. Felix Zinnmann


For the foreign patients there is an international department established at the University Hospital Solingen, whose employees help in obtaining medical care for non-German-speaking patients and their relatives. The staff of the clinic will arrange consultations and treatment in the department you need. You can contact the english-speaking staff of the international office:


Tel.: +49 212 5476913

Viber | Whatsapp: +49 173-2034066 | +49 177-5404270


Gotenstraße 1, 42653 Solingen 
+49 212 547 69 13  l  +49 177 540 42 70  l  +49 173 203 40 66
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