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Diseases of the breast are, mainly, gynecic problems. Men are affected only in certain cases. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists will help you with any diseases and changes in the breast, if you change the shape of your breasts at your request or when treating malignant tumors.

The goal of our Center for Treatment of Breast Cancer at the City Clinic in Solingen is individual and complete supply with quality medical services for patients with breast diseases. Due to the rapid diagnostic system, it is possible to start a course of treatment on your individual program in a timely manner.

We will serve you at the highest medical level. This is the result of many years of experience in prompt and conservative treatment of breast diseases combined with the use of the most advanced equipment and programs of versatile follow-up and care of patients.

Our goal is treatment and recovery. We will carefully and individually take care of you at all stages of your disease. From diagnosis and treatment to subsequent monitoring of the patient's condition.

Your team of the medical center of the breast of Solingen.


Often, women themselves notice changes in their breasts. In case of any slight change in the breast, you should consult your doctor. Not every sensible to touch formation is malignant. These are often simply nodules of connective tissue or cyst.

If an additional examination is required for a final report, your doctor must make a decision.

In the first place is the diagnosis. To do this in our center, there are various technologies of visual diagnostics at your service:

- Ultrasound examination of the breast of increased resolution

- Digital mammography

- High-quality magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

If setting a clear diagnosis is not possible due to ultrasound examination, a high-speed biopsy can be made. At the same time, using local anesthesia, small samples are taken in the zones of deformed breast tissue. Histological analysis of the taken samples is carried out at the Institute of Pathology of our Clinic, so the diagnosis will be ready within 24 hours.

In addition, we offer:

  • Independent consultations regarding the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases (ultrasound, consultation, planning of operations)
  • Consultations of patients with confirmed breast cancer, for example, as part of screening
  • Consultations and registration of certificates of operations (e.g., breast reduction, congenital defects of the breast).

Treatment depends on whether the disease of the breast is benign or malignant. The patient explains in detail all the stages of treatment and provides the necessary consultations.

The main direction of the work of our Center is the treatment of breast cancer.

Treatment of breast cancer consists of several stages of therapy:

  • SYSTEMATIC THERAPY (e.g., chemotherapy, antibody therapy, etc.)


- Breast-conserving surgery and breast cancer surgery

- Reduction plastic surgery depending on the tumor

- Diagnostics of sentinel lymph nodes (sentinels), as well as attenuated removal of lymph nodes

- Urgent plastic after gentle removal of the breast

- Secondary recovery can be performed using implantation techniques (silicone prostheses/expanders/temporary expanders) or using own tissues from the abdomen or back.

Systematic therapy

Chemotherapy and other types of systematic therapy can also be conducted at the Clinic of Solingen.

Radiation therapy

The Clinic in Solingen also practices radiotherapy sessions.

Conferences on Cancer Treatment

Planning of treatment of malignant tumors for our patients is carried out at the inter-branch cancer conferences. During such conferences, specialists from the involved areas of medicine analyze the course of drug treatment or radiotherapy and develop a program for further treatment, taking into account the individual condition of the patient. Proposals for treatment are communicated to the patient in a personal conversation, in which his relatives and friends can also participate. All measures for treatment of the disease can be performed within the walls of our Clinic.

Plastic surgery

In addition to oncology surgery, we also offer the following plastic surgery:

  • Breast reduction
  • Breast enlargement
  • Operations for the alignment of the shape and correction of the breast

Accompanying activities

At all phases of treatment, we offer the following accompanying activities:

  • Psychological consultant (psycho-oncologist)
  • Nurse specializing in caring for patients with breast cancer
  • Physiotherapy
  • Establishing contacts with social services


Gotenstraße 1, 42653 Solingen 
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