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Cerebral Tumors Management Centre

Specialists from many oncological fields (disciplines) closely cooperate in the Neurooncology Centre of Solingen Clinic. We provide the best treatment for patients with the cerebral tumors or brain metastases: following recognized recommendatory provisions and international standards or new alternative methods.

What does the operation mean?

Operation — minimally invasive, as far as possible, ablative, and yet maximally secure — is first-line therapy, the most effective and important method of most tumors or metastases management. Planning and precise execution of surgery directly determine the success and quality of life after the intervention. The fullest microsurgical resection and confirmation of the complete tumor removal based on the early MRI tests findings are the objectives of surgery and, in the case of malignant tumors, the basis for the necessary additional treatments. Surgical removal of the cerebral tumor should be completed in a centre equipped with state-of-the-art intraoperative technologies for functional navigation, motor pathways monitoring, and intraoperative imaging. The experience of individual planning and risk management — as well as the frequent occurrence of such interventions — is essential.

Our goals as of the Cerebral Tumors Management Centre

1. Treating patients with cerebral tumors or brain metastases following the recognized international standards and recommendations.

2. Application of new treatment guidelines for patients with relapses after treatment.

3. Creating concepts and conducting clinical trials on new, innovative methods of treatment.

Medical investigation is not just a hope for better treatment in the future. Participation in national and international research activities ensures a high quality of treatment and care for cancer patients. It has been scientifically proven that patients taking part in clinical trials demonstrate better results in terms of life quality and treatment success.
Cerebral tumor — this diagnosis initially means an abrupt change in patient's and his/her relatives' lives. While for benign tumors, patients may usually be cured by careful (reduced-impact) and complete surgical removal of tumors, malignant brain tumors or metastases usually require complementing the microsurgery with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. At the Cerebral Tumors Management Centre, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and neurologists work together to determine the optimal treatment for each patient.

The specialization of various experts in cerebral tumors improves medical treatment. Doctors and paramedical personnel have extensive experience in working with patients and understand their patients' fears and anxieties. It is very important for us to talk to the patient. We want to discuss the diagnosis, the different treatment options and the rationale for our treatment proposals with our patients so that they can understand and comprehend everything.



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