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Dear patients,

as Head Doctor of one of the most famous urological clinics in Germany, I am pleased with your interest in our activities.

Our task is to be always on the spot, be always near, provide highly qualified medical services, quickly, qualitatively and permanently get rid of the problems caused by urological diseases. We are always on guard for your health! We are doubly pleased to tell you that at the top of our work is not a financial profit, but qualitative treatment of people. For us, you are not just another “medical case”, but a person, an individuality! For this, I can vouch for my name and reputation!

Our society is rapidly aging, and, accordingly, the number of diseases specific of middle-aged and elderly people is increasing. It is depressing, but the fact that the number of newly diagnosed diseases of prostate cancer has increased significantly in recent years due to the age composition of our population.

Despite the fact that we use advanced progressive technologies for the treatment of various diseases, today we cannot decide to offer you robotic operations to remove prostate cancer, because it is impossible to predict all the consequences of such interference. Do not become a victim of the need to refinance due to the frequent use of expensive equipment in medicine, instead you need to look for solutions for treatment in our home from a purely medical point of view!

I have been observing recently some lack of confidence among the patients who address me, in particular, because of prostate cancer. All I can say, there is a lot of untested and unreliable information regarding treatment, which is useless. In my opinion, the best has been and remains the method of treatment, in which the patient trusts the recommendations of a family doctor, an officially admitted private practitioner or urologist, as they see the patient not only before the operation, but also after it.

Thanks to reconciliation of high-tech advanced equipment in our Clinic, we can find solutions to the most complex problems. Stones in the bladder in any location, urinary incontinence or benign prostatic enlargement – these diseases, as well as many others, have been successfully treated within the walls of our Clinic for many years. The medical staff has enough knowledge and resources to conduct modern diagnostics and treatment.

... and one more fact:

We have consciously decided not to influence the activities of officially admitted urologists of private practice by establishing the Center for Medical Services. For me personally, freedom of a medical profession is the highest good. Of course, creation of such Center – this certain financial profit, however, is completely unacceptable, if a patient does not get access to the best therapists, when he has no choice, when he is sent for treatment or diagnostics to the same hospital. In this case, the basis is not the provision of services, but the greed for profit.

I am very glad, if our information has become useful to you!!!

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Markus Heuser, MD


Special urological surgery


Drug treatment of tumors



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