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For your convenience, we prepared a detailed description of the way to the Solingen Clinic.

From Düsseldorf Airport:

So, you arrived at the Düsseldorf international airport. What’s next? What is the comfortable and not expensive way to our Clinic? Are there any options?

By train

Düsseldorf International Airport has two railway stations. One of them is situated at the east end of the airport. Another station you can find directly under the terminal C. Connect your airline beforehand to get the information, whether your ticket includes the cost of transferring by train. Many airlines render this service.

Passengers go by a flying train (Schwebebahn) SkyTrain from the terminals to the station. The flying train runs every day since 3:45 to 0:45. In the night time the transportation is carried out by buses. The "Terminal" bus stop is located in the arrival zone (opposite to Exit E). Travel by a flying train is paid through the machines in site (at stations). Holders of the Rail&Fly-Tickets can travel free of charge. Access to the SkyTrain with a luggage carrier is, unfortunately, impossible. There is enough space for luggage in the train.

The electric train S1 goes from the station line 6, in the direction to Solingen Hbf (Solingen Huptbahnhof, main station) with an interval of 20 minutes. The travel time with the flying train including the transfer to is approx. 47 minutes.

The main station of Solingen is located in the Ohligs district. There is a stop for the public transport in the in close vicinity. Mind that electric buses run rarely in the night, and, as a rule, they start running regularly with an interval of 10 minutes (depending on the route) from 6 am.

The schedule of buses and routes are indicated at the bus stops or on the official website: You can get to our Clinic by buses 681 transferring to bus 693, or by bus 682 transferring to buses 693 or 692.

By taxi

You also may go by a taxi from the airport. In this case, mind the fact that the fares for taxi in Germany are very expensive. For example, the cost of transfer from the airport to the center of Dusseldorf or the main station will be approximately 29 EUR, and to Solingen Clinic - 80-90 EUR.

Düsseldorf Airport recommends the following certified transport companies on its Internet portal:

Taxi Düsseldorf: Tel. + 49 (0) 211-33333

Rhein Taxi: Tel. + 49 (0) 211-212121

Dein Wunsch Taxi: + 49 (0) 211-9991000

These companies comply with high security standards, may receive payments with credit cards, have child seats, and their drivers are perfectly oriented in the locality and speak foreign languages.

In addition to orders by phone, you can take a taxi in the special taxi parking directly in the arrival and departure zones. They are marked with a special sign Airport Taxi.

PHOTO: The building of the main railway station in Solingen

From Cologne Bonn Airport:

By train

Trains run each hour from the railway station of Cologne airport in the direction to the main station of Cologne. At the main station, you should transfer to a regional train (RB) or regional express (RE) to Wuppertal Oberbarmen and arrive at the main railway station in Solingen (Solingen Hauptbahnhof). You can enliven the possible waiting time at the main railway station of Cologne walking along the square and visiting the Cologne Cathedral located directly near the station.

Then, your travel will continue by an electric bus from the stop directly near the main station of Solingen. From here, bus 681 (with further transferring to bus 693) and 682 (with further transferring to buses 693 or 692) run with an interval of 10 minutes (except for the night).

Preliminary consult with your airline agency and make sure, whether your ticket includes further train travel (Rail & Fly-Ticket). If you still need to purchase a ticket, you can do it through machines at the railway station, specifying the purpose of the trip and the quantity of passengers. Also, information services with English speaking employees operate at railway stations. You can also buy a ticket from them. The premises of these services are marked with a sign "DB Reisezentrum".

By taxi

As we have already mentioned above, the fare in a taxi is very expensive. The approximate cost of the trip from the Cologne airport to the Solingen Clinic is 120 EUR. 

The following passenger transportation companies drive to Solingen:

Taxi Cologne +49 151 51082191

Taxi Call Cologne +49 221/2882

Cologne Taxi +49 221/88884455

PHOTO: Main station in Solingen 


If you wish, you may use the transfer service from the airport to Solingen Clinic or hotel (by our motor transport), the cost of which is:

from the Düsseldorf airport - 100 EUR

from the Cologne Bonn airport - 150 EUR,

from the Dortmund airport - 150 EUR.

Accompanying person’s accommodation

If one of your relatives accompanies you, this person may be accommodated in one of the apartments specially booked for accommodation. These apartments are located on the territory of the Clinic. The apartments are equipped with the Internet connection, TV, refrigerator and other facilities for convenience. Notify us, in case you would like to rent the apartment in advance and we will book it for you.

In case you arrived by your car, a large parking area in the immediate vicinity of the Solingen Clinic is at your service.



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