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Institute of Surgery

The Institute of Surgery at the City Academic Hospital Solingen primarily specializes in the surgical treatment of planned and emergency operations in newborns, adolescents and adults. Operations are carried out both open and minimally invasive on the abdominal organs, oncosurgery, surgery for congenital malformations.

The head physician of the department is professor, surgeon Wolfgang Schwenk. The professor is engaged in general surgery, visceral and vascular surgery. Dr. Schwenk has been a researcher for many years and specializes in minimally invasive operations; he has been working at the Solingen Clinic for more than 10 years.

Professor Schwenk has the highest category in the surgical treatment of tumors of the gastrointestinal tract, which includes both oncological diseases and benign tumors, functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Specializes in the treatment of:

  • stomach cancer;
  • pancreatic cancer;
  • bowel cancer;
  • performs the Whipple operation.

The doctor speaks German and English.

The Institute of Surgery is famous for its authoritative team of doctors, as well as first-class equipment to provide the fastest possible assistance to a patient of any age without complications and a long rehabilitation period. The center has established itself in Germany as one of the best departments for the treatment of such diseases:

  • hernia;
  • esophageal atresia;
  • intestinal atresia;
  • enterocolitis;
  • cysts;
  • lung pathology;
  • appendectomy (removal of the appendix);
  • surgery of the genital organs and urinary tract.

Every year, tens of thousands of operations are performed in the surgery clinic, the percentage of complications is minimized due to the constant scientific activity of the staff, accurate and timely diagnosis.

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