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Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear patients!

The spectrum of services of our Clinic includes treatment of all types of consequences of injuries, as well as diseases of the musculoskeletal system in all age groups. As the certified Interregional Traumatology Center with the highest level of medical care, the Clinic guarantees high-quality treatment of all types of consequences of injuries, including complex hip surgery and spine surgery. The clinic received permission from Industrial Insurance Unions for treatment and seriously injured victims of accidents; and in the field of hand surgery, the most severe cases of occupational injuries can be treated.

Every year hundreds of operations for the implantation of artificial hip and knee joints are performed at the Center for Endoprosthesis Replacement, integrated into the Clinic, and endoprosthesis replacements are performed. Regular monitoring, carried out through the center certification system as the Center for Endoprosthesis Replacement, guarantees our patients a high standard of quality of medical services.

As the population ages, the focus of our Clinic is on treatment of osteoporotic fractures, which can occur spontaneously or even after minor trauma. Minimally invasive methods of treatment (for example, kyphoplasty), as well as extended transcutaneous or open stabilization of all parts of the spine are used to treat fractures of the spine bones and the consequences of these injuries.

In spinal surgery, close cooperation with the Clinic of Neurosurgery is conducted.

For treatment of injuries and diseases of the knee and ankle joints, as well as the shoulder joints and the joints of the hand, modern methods of minimally invasive arthroscopic interventions are used. Depending on the type of operation, inpatient treatment is used, although many of these interventions, such as almost the entire range of operations in the field of hand surgery, can be performed today in the Outpatient Surgery Center attached to the Clinic.



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