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Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Institute of Urology, Institute of Pediatrics

These departments are represented in the Solingen Clinic as an interdisciplinary institute of sciences: gynecology and obstetrics, urology and pediatrics are located on the basis of the Solingen University Hospital. 

Departments and staff are united into a large clinical springboard for fast and efficient work of all departments.

The chief physician and leading specialist is Doctor Severin Iborra is an experienced gynaecologist specialising in gynaecological oncology, perinatal medicine and surgical gynaecology. She has established herself as a leading specialist during her 15 years of practice.

  • diagnostics and therapy of female incontinence with classical surgical methods, such as anterior and posterior plasty (Amreich-Richter);
  • all modern mesh implants, not only for incontinence, but also for bladder prolapse;
  • interdisciplinary treatment of borderline cancers in the pelvis;
  • uterine cancer;
  • ovarian cancer; 
  • minimally invasive surgery;
  • laparoscopy;
  • chemotherapy;
  • radiotherapy for pelvic diseases in women.

Professor Markus Heuser is a urologist, specializes in andrology, cancer treatment. His team and the professor himself treat patients with diseases of the genitourinary system in men, with chronic and acute nosologies.

Therapy is prescribed taking into account all analyzes and instrumental diagnostics, operations are performed using high-precision modern equipment in order to maximize the health and normal function of all organs and systems. 

Treatment of infertility, prostate cancer and more:

  • radical prostatectomy (retrodilateral, laparoscopic);
  • radical cystectomy with continent urinary diversion (artificial ileal bladder, Mainz Pouch) or ileal canal;
  • surgery for tumors of the kidneys, bladder, prostate and male genital organs;
  • laparoscopic nephrectomy;
  • operations to restore reproductive function;
  • plastic-reconstructive intervention in the kidneys, ureter and external male genitalia;
  • female incontinence surgery;
  • transurethral surgery of the prostate and bladder;
  • endoscopic treatment of urinary stones;
  • extracorporeal crushing of urinary stones by shock waves (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy ESWL);
  • drug therapy of tumors of the urinary and genital tract (our clinic is a well-known clinic for advanced training in tumor therapy!).

Pediatric urology

The success of the treatment of pediatric urology, up to the most severe cases, is due to the joint work of Prof. Heuser of doctors, heads of departments, with the pediatricians of our clinic:

  • phimosis;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • hypospadias;
  • vesicorenal reflux with deflux elimination or ureteral neoplasm;
  • stenosis of the renal pelvis;
  • ureterocele;
  • double kidneys with impaired outflow;
  • inflammatory organ infections.

Dr. med. Manuela Seifert - mammologist, onco-surgeon, head of the Department of the Breast Center since 2016. She has extensive experience in the treatment of oncological diseases of breast cancer and senology. Together with his team in the clinic, the doctor conducts a detailed laboratory diagnosis, breast ultrasound, mammography, CT and MRI with contrast as well are also widely used to confirm the diagnosis. Dr. Manuela Seifert gives maximum priority to organ-preserving operations, in order to preserve not only the functions of the body, but also taking care of the appearance of patients.

Thus, each patient has access to the best doctors, professors and a well-coordinated team of specialists with many years of experience in whose arsenal they have all the necessary tools and support from the management and the international department for working with foreign patients.

Do you still have questions?

You can always seek advice over the phone, via messengers or by e-mail to get comprehensive information on your question, get a referral and learn about diagnosis and treatment, coming to the clinic step by step. 

You can contact the english-speaking staff of the international office:


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