Maternity Department of the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Solingen follows the highest standards


Our awards

Within the framework of the WHO and UNICEF “Babyfreundlich” program, the City Clinical Hospital of Solingen has been awarded the “Child Friendly Hospital of Obstetrics and Pediatrics” quality mark after several years of qualified certification. Thus, we fully meet the criteria of B.E.St.® (relation, development and breastfeeding).

Particular attention is paid to the close relationship between the mother/parents and the child and, consequently, the healthy development of the child. As part of the implementation of this concept, families are provided with support in the process of natural feeding of their newborn baby, that is, breastfeeding.

Our maternity home includes a maternity ward and department of the mother and child. Thanks to the joint work with the Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Clinic, we can provide medical care to children already from the 29th week of pregnancy in the Perinatal Center of the 2nd level. In all these areas, you will also be supported by specially trained breastfeeding and lactation consultants (IBCLC).

The comprehensive program of our school for parents conducts excursions to maternity rooms and offers training courses for future mothers and fathers long before the birth of the child. Free evening courses on the subject of natural feeding for pregnant women and their relatives are designed to support our desire to inform as many women and their families as possible about the importance of breastfeeding.

More detailed information and dates of the orientation tours/courses can be found in our information booklet “Everything about Delivery”.


We offer various alternatives to childbirth (spontaneous delivery, breech delivery, spontaneous twin birth, labor on the chair, delivery in water, caesarean section, etc.). We attach great importance to the establishment of a close connection between the mother and the child at the early stage, including our offer of the possibility of their contingence (“Bonding”) in the operating room. We provide assistance by applying acupuncture, relaxation baths and homeopathy. In addition, we provide the mother with individual support during childbirth also with the help of analgesic therapy or epidural anesthesia, if necessary.

After giving birth, we help mothers in our mother and child department. Specially selected hours of reception of visitors give the mother and child the rest they need and the opportunity to be alone with each other (“quiet corner”) in order to develop the connection between the mother and the child. We offer individual consultations on the topic of breastfeeding, which are carried out by specially trained lactation consultants, as well as gymnastics in the postpartum period, family rooms, daily visits of pediatricians and gynecologists. Individual care, performed by an obstetrician of your choice, completes the wide range of our services.

“Parking for storks”

We reserved for you three “parking spaces for storks” located below the main entrance, to the right of the ambulance station. That is, if due to fights, rupture of the fetal bladder or other problems, you will need to get quickly to the delivery room, then in the shortest time you will be given parking spaces.

Maternity hall

Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of our patrimonial chambers. Here the light is dimmed and low music sounds. At our disposal, there are four maternity halls with different beds for childbirth that fit your needs, and, in the immediate proximity, there is an operating room for cesarean section.

After cesarean section, you and your family can enjoy socializing with the child in our “waiting room”. It is very important for us that during your childbirth you feel comfortable, therefore, we are always happy to help you, using our knowledge and experience, in all respects, whether it is proper breathing, analgesic therapy, homeopathy or the position of the body during childbirth. You can take a relaxing bath and enjoy the aroma of lavender fields or you can decide to give birth completely in water.

For us, the natural, family-oriented obstetrics is very important, which is managed by a professional obstetrician. From the very beginning, we promote the emergence of a close connection between mother and child and give you enough time for hugs and contingence.

Postpartum Department

In our department of mother and child, we want to give you time to be acquainted with the child. The hours entered for us to visit bring the necessary rest to the department. You can enjoy socializing with your family in family rooms.

Since we are the Clinic of Obstetrics, which has received the “Child Friendly Hospital” certificate from WHO/UNICEF organizations, it is very important for us to offer you and your child comprehensive, qualified care. We will gladly explain to you the benefits of breastfeeding to help establish optimal relation and development of your child in the future. For this purpose, you have at your disposal a specially trained team of breastfeeding specialists (IBCLCs), which consists of nursing staff for adults, pediatricians and gynecologists.

Our mission is to prevent the development of diseases in you or your child in order to help you to enter a new stage of your life. However, along with this, it is very important for us to meet your needs and respect your desires. For example, if you do not want to breastfeed, you will also need help in feeding the baby. You can get it from us. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable knowing that you are in good hands, without stress and pressure.



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