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Enuresis as a consequence of cancer of the prostate

The probability of development of enuresis, as a consequence of therapy for prostate cancer, is quite high. Patients can no longer completely retain urine. Enuresis may occur, for example, after an operation to remove the prostate, as this removes parts of the internal sphincter that compresses the bladder. However, according to the information service on cancer, the external sphincter can be preserved, and then many men have a “squeezing” function.

Enuresis may also occur as a result of radiation therapy. The reasons for this are changes in the tissues of the bladder, which can manifest due to inflammatory reactions due to radiation therapy. The bladder is cicatrized, after which it becomes less elastic than before irradiation, for this reason it gives a signal too early for urination. Sometimes urine also leaves involuntarily. Enuresis often manifests itself in the form of so-called stress incontinence, when urine cannot be retained by coughing or straining.

Possible therapy

According to the Cancer Information Service, many patients have a high chance of regaining control of the bladder. Possible methods of treatment include, for example, training of the pelvic floor or electrical muscle stimulation. According to the Cancer Information Service, in the case when the bladder is more irritated – that is, the patient feels constant urge to urinate, medicines can help. In severe, prolonged forms of enuresis, operative activities can also be considered.

The decision to apply such measures is taken on the individual basis and should be carried out at the specialized centers. Possible operative activities, according to the German Society for Urology, may, for example, be the installation of a so-called sling system, or, with pronounced forms of enuresis, implantation of an artificial muscle that compresses the bladder.

Auxiliary activities for enuresis

When enuresis has mild or medium form, as a rule, it is enough to insert a pad into the underwear. In addition, it is possible to drain urine out. According to the self-help union for enuresis, there are special catheters with a collection of urine, and catheters for one-time withdrawal of urine. Urine is taken to the package with the help of so-called condom catheters. At the same time, the urine-collecting bag is fixed to the genital with a contact adhesive.




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