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Brain tumour treatment centre

Brain tumour treatment centre

At the Neuro-Oncology Centre of the Klinikum Klinikum Solingen, specialists from many oncological fields (disciplines) work closely together. Specialists from many oncological fields (disciplines) work closely together at the Neuro-Oncology Centre of the Solingen Clinic. We provide the best possible treatment for patients with brain tumours or brain metastases: according to recognised guidelines and international standards or new alternative methods.

What is the value of surgery?

Surgery - as minimally invasive as possible, as radical as possible and at the same time with maximum safety - is the first-line therapy, the most effective and important treatment for most tumours or metastases. The planning and precise execution of the surgery directly determines the success and quality of life after the intervention. Complete microsurgical resection and confirmation of complete tumour removal by early MRI follow-up study are the goals of surgery and, in the case of malignant tumours, the basis for the additional treatments required. Surgical removal of the brain tumour should be performed in a centre equipped with new intraoperative technologies for functional navigation, for motor pathway monitoring and for intraoperative imaging. Experience with individualised planning and risk management - as well as the fact that such interventions are frequently performed - is important.

Our objectives as a Brain Tumour Treatment Centre are:

1. to treat patients with brain tumour or brain metastases in accordance with recognised international standards and guidelines.

2. Application of new treatment protocols for patients with recurrences after treatment.

3. Creating concepts and conducting clinical trials on new, innovative treatments.

Medical research is not just a hope for better treatment in the future.Participation in national and international research ensures high quality treatment and care for cancer patients.

It has been scientifically proven that patients who participate in clinical trials show better results in terms of quality of life and treatment success.

Brain tumour - this diagnosis initially means a drastic change in the life of the patient and their relatives. While benign tumours are usually cured by careful (gentle) and complete surgical removal of the tumour, in the case of malignant tumours or metastases to the brain, microsurgery usually has to be complemented by chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. At the Brain Tumour Treatment Centre, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, medical oncologists, radio-oncologists and neurologists work together to determine the best treatment for each patient.

The specialisation of various brain tumour experts improves medical treatment. Doctors and nursing staff have a lot of experience with patients and understand the fears and anxieties of their patients. The patient-centred conversation is very important to us. We want to talk to our patients about their diagnosis, the different treatment options and the rationale behind our treatment proposals so that they can understand and make sense of everything.

Contact us

The Brain Tumour Centre at the City Hospital Solingen, Germany specialises in complex tumour treatment and neurosurgery. If you need a consultation, diagnosis, treatment or second opinion from Ralf Buhl, MD for your diagnosis, please contact our experts in the international department or leave a request for a callback:
Tel: +49 212 5476913
Viber | WhatsApp: +49 173-2034066 | +49 177-5404270
For your convenience, please save the phone number to your phone's directory and call or text us free of charge on WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram. Requests made on weekends or public holidays will be processed on the first working day. For urgent cases, the processing of the enquiry will be carried out on weekends and public holidays.



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