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Important warning signs for cancer


How to spot cancer early?

If you notice on Your body one or more of the following changes, in this case it is recommended to consult a doctor. However, in most cases, we are not talking about cancer and other diseases. If all is a malignant change in tissues, it is possible that the doctor will be able to detect it while still in the early stages then there is a chance that the disease can be cured. In some cancers, such as testicular cancer, cure rates can exceed 90 percent, if they are detected in time.

Common symptoms

Usually, early cancer does not cause any symptoms. However, there are warning signs that may indicate malignant disease. It is important to recognize these signals and, thus, to maximize the chance for recovery. Therefore, carefully watch your body and pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • palpable swelling, indurations or nodules on the skin, the mucosa or soft tissue, are often not accompanied by pain sensations
  • pain of unknown origin
  • changes in mammary glands or testicles
  • swollen lymph nodes in the armpit, groin or neck
  • changes goiter
  • chronic cough or changes in cough, persisting for a long time, and the constant urge to cough
  • bloody sputum when you cough
  • chronic hoarseness
  • lack of air
  • prolonged difficulty swallowing
  • skin changes, birthmarks, and warts in relation to their size, shape and color, yellowness, focal reddening of the palms or spider hemangiomas (advanced spider veins in the skin)
  • blood in the seminal fluid
  • bleeding after menopause spotting or bleeding between periods
  • prolonged difficulty swallowing
  • changes in stool or urination, e.g. pain, blood impurities, increased urination weak or interrupted urinary flow
  • unusual and prolonged changes in digestive habits
  • heartburn
  • a lasting feeling of pressure or heaviness, abdominal pain or bloating
  • unusual bleeding or discharge from the mouth, nose, intestines, urethra or vagina
  • prolonged regurgitation or vomiting
  • prolonged lack of appetite or unexplained weight loss
  • pallor and anemia, constant fatigue, lethargy, decreased performance
  • increased body temperature, dizziness, or tachycardia
  • appeared headaches
  • visual disturbances
  • convulsions
  • intense itching
  • neurological disorders, such as the phenomena of paralysis, impaired speech and coordination, or awkwardness appeared
  • personality changes
  • non-healing or poorly healing wounds

Symptoms in women

  • nodules and/or breast lump
  • deformation of the nipple
  • bleeding outside the normal menstrual period, such as after menopause or after sexual intercourse
  • the allocation of a brownish color

Symptoms in men

  • weak or intermittent urinary stream
  • inability to urinate
  • difficulty beginning urination
  • seal or increase the testicles

Even if such symptoms often are caused by benign diseases, only a doctor can clarify this. In addition, it can reduce symptoms by assigning a suitable treatment.

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