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Summary chief physician of the center of cardiac surgery (eng.)

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details: Prof. Dr. med. Markus Kamler

Born 17.04.1964, Stuttgart

Actual Position

Since 01.07.2010: Head of Herzzentrum Essen-Huttrop, GmbH

01.06.2012: Professor and Head of Thoracic Transplantation, University of Essen

01.07.2015: Medical Director Herzzentrum Essen-Huttrop

Actual Research Interest

Clinical research on Heart and Lung transplantation, large animal model of single lung transplantation, preservation solutions in heart transplantation RIPC, RIPC in CABG , heart valve reconstruction.

Medical education

1986-1992 Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Sydney, Australia.

Nov. 1992 Heidelberg

Work/Professional Experience

1993 - 01.03.1994: Feodor-Lynen Stipendiat der Alexander v. Humboldt Stiftung/Bonn. Postdoctoral Assistent Institut für Biomedical Engineering an der University of California, San Diego/USA (Prof. Dr. M. Intaglietta)—MIKROZIRKULATION RESEARCH

1.4.1994 – 28.02.1999: scientific and clinical fellow, University of Heidelberg, Dept. Cardiac Surgery, Director: Prof. Dr. med. S. Hagl, Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg

1.3.2001: Consultatant Dept. Cardiovascular Surgery Thoracic Transplantation Westdeutsches Herzzentrum Essen University Hospital, Essen, Germany

2005-2010: Deputy Director,, Herzchirurgie, UKE, (Head: Prof. Dr. H. Jakob)


CHIRURGIE 1992 "Ein neues Modell zur Heilung von Gewebe im Hautwunden ischämischen --Therapeutische und Einflussnahme durch buflomedil is Fibroblastenwachstumsfaktor" Dept. Exp. Surgery, University Hosptal of Heidelberg (Prof. Dr. med. Drs. h.c. Konrad Meßmer).

Speciality Cardiac Surgery Düsseldorf 2002

Thoracic Surgery Ruhrlandklinik Essen 2009 (Prof. Dr. G. Stamatis)

Habilitation 2005 HERZCHIRURGIE "Ein neues Modell zur Untersuchung der Mikrozirkulation unter den Bedingungen der Extrakorporalen Zirkulation" Dept. Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Essen UK (Direktor: Prof. Dr. med. H. Jakob).

further education and teaching

  • Since 1994-2017 continuous teaching, bedside , seminar, main lectures, CME for physicians
  • 2016 Certificate Assist device: Heart mate III, 2013 Device Certificate: HVAD
  • 2008 Seminar for deputy directors, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Thorax, -Herz und Gefäßchirurgie
  • 2007-2008 "Health Management" Berufsbegleitende Weiterbildung: MIBEG-Institut Medizin/ ÄK Berlin
  • 2009 Advanced course on heart valve repair. UK Homburg
  • 2007 Advanced Course on Mitral Valve repair / Aalst Belgien
  • 2006 Mitralklappenkompass Hamburg, Wet Lab Aortic valve / Berlin
  • 2005 Course on Mitral valve repair / London GB
  • 2005 Kursus Assist device + wet lab / Frankreich
  • 2004 Endoscopic Mitral valve repair / Aalst Belgien
  • 2003 certificate Assist device: Nova Cor
  • More than 150 active participations on national and international conferences and more than 500 internal lectures.


FEODOR-LYNEN STIPENDIUM of the Alexander V. Humboldt Stiftung /Bonn

YOUNG INVESTIGATORS AWARD, European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery /London


POSTERPREIS "Mikrozirkulation" Medizinische Fakultät Essen

POSTERPREIS "Mikrozirkulation" Jahrestagung der Society of Clinical Hemorheology and microcirculation is

Consultant for Eurotransplant

Since 2004 Audit und High Urgent Urgent Cardiac/Lungtransplantation.


European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Interactive J of CTS

Transplant Proceedings

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

British Journal of Surgery

International Journal Of Cardiology Heart & Vasculature


Kardiovaskuläre Essener Nachrichten



Deutsche Gesellschaft für Herz und Thorax Chirurgie, Deutsche Gesellschaft für kardiologie is, European Association of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation, Bund der Organtransplantierten, Essener und Herz Kreislaufzentrum

Essen, den 16.10.2017 Prof. Dr. med. Markus Kamler


Gotenstraße 1, 42653 Solingen 
+49 212 547 69 13  l  +49 177 540 42 70  l  +49 173 203 40 66
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