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Computed tomography

Computer tomography (CT) is a method of obtaining an image of the cross section of the body using X-rays. Production of the image of the section is carried out with the help of a narrowly focused X-ray beam, which scans the desired plane of the body from different directions.

At present, devices in which the X-ray tube and detectors are mechanically connected to each other and move along a circular path around the patient are mainly used. CT does not only provide images of the standard section of the body, but images from different directions. Spatial representation is achieved using 3D computer tomography (3D-CT).

Typical applications include, but are not limited to, diseases:

  • Heads (e.g. diagnosis of cerebral stroke and bleeding, detection of tumors and metastasis)
  • Thoracic cells (chest cavity), for example, pulmonary and vascular processes, enlarged lymph nodes
  • Abdomen (abdominal cavity), such as internal organ diseases, enlarged lymph nodes, tumors, vascular processes)
  • Determination of mineral salinity in bone tissue (suspected osteoporosis)
  • Planning of radiation therapy


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