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David and Irina, Moscow, Russia


My husband is desperate to have children: so many years of marriage, but no way. Only hope is IVF. Although we have wonderful doctors there are, however, no specific causes and problems with conception could not find. Throughout the year, was looking for a clinic that will match our financial capacity, and eventually found a Solingen. I would like to acknowledge the work of the guys from the international Department, which are all clearly explained and told about the clinic, and also made calculations to stay, tests and other procedures. My husband speak English well, but medical terminology is a bit specific, so it is easier to communicate in their native language. This, incidentally, is another factor that delighted us – we were immediately allocated an interpreter who was almost family during the stay. Let's not talk about the procedures and tests, and just Express gratitude to Dr. Sebastian, Hanshu and the entire Department of reproductive medicine. Thanks to them, next year, we will celebrate the first birthday of our daughter.

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