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20 september 2023

Michael Stoler  

I recently had the privilege of undergoing surgery at Klinikum Solingen under the guidance of Prof. Schenker and I would like to share my experience. From start to finish, my treatment and care was exceptional. From my first appointment at the clinic, I felt well taken care of. The entire medical team took the time to answer my questions and discuss my concerns. Prof. Schenker himself was extreme..

15 july 2023

Natalia Kozlova  

I recently went to the Solingen Clinic for a medical examination. From the moment I made an appointment, I was treated in a friendly and alert manner. The staff at the international office were very helpful and assisted me with all administrative matters. I was looked after by a highly skilled team of doctors and nurses during the examination. They took ample time to gather my medical history and..

06 december 2018

Elena, Voronezh 

Got to the doctor Seifert after the usual check-up in Dusseldorf. The Solingen breast cancer treatment center was recommended not only by doctors, it found many reviews about it on the Internet. It is good that I had a disease in the initial stage, when it is easy to avoid serious consequences. Thanks to the hospital staff and the girls from the international department!

01 october 2018

Goncharenko, Kiev 

I want to express our gratitude for the treatment of my spouse V. Goncharenko. My husband underwent 6 weeks of irradiation at your clinic. We were very afraid of these procedures. In fact, everything was completely different than we imagined. Very beautiful, bright clinic. The procedure had to come every day except weekends. It took no more than 15 minutes a day. There was no waiting. Everything i..

12 september 2018

M. Lobkina, Russia 

A month ago, during a routine examination, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I myself am a doctor and have heard a lot of positive things about clinics in Germany and German doctors. Due to the lack of knowledge of German, tight work schedules, as well as complete confusion due to the current situation, I simply did not know how to act correctly. Fortunately, I did not think for a long time and ..

07 june 2018

Elena Anisimovna, Russia 

In Solingen, she performed an operation on knee arthroplasty. Excellent doctors, excellent clinic. After the replacement, I experienced absolutely no discomfort. Maybe a little pain. Just a week later, I could climb stairs. It's been almost 4 months - everything is fine. Many thanks to the team of the orthopedic department and the head doctor!

06 april 2018

Ekaterina M., Kirov 

I would like to share my experience and leave feedback about the Solingen breast center. Frankly, I went there to refute oncology, but unfortunately everything was confirmed. I am still very glad that I went to Germany. A gynecologist in Russia offered to observe first, Dr. Seifert identified breast cancer at an early stage. The operation had to wait only 3 days. Anesthesia was very good, and I im..

05 march 2018

Vyacheslav Voronin 

My wife found a brain tumor last year. The neurosurgeon himself in our hospital recommended to go to Germany if there is an opportunity and recommended the clinic Zolingen. We are convinced that we need to be treated there. We were in the best clinic in Germany. Personally, Dr. Boole operated on and monitored the condition of his wife after surgery for a week. We were lucky and the tumor turned ou..

14 february 2018

Vladlena Potapova, Moscow 

Almost 5 years suffered from headaches, thought migraine. Right here is the terrible pain that was ready to kill someone, but rather shoot yourself in the head. In general, how many did not run on the doctors, everyone claimed that an operation was needed. Money spent on all this bustle Nemer. Let's go on vacation, where one elderly couple of Germans (hotel neighbors) were told to contact Dr. Bool..

18 november 2017

Vitaliy Havriliyk 

Saint Petersburg 2017 In Solingen visited 3 times already. I had an aneurysm. 2 years ago I had an operation on the vessel of the brain, brain surgery, six months later again flew on scheduled diagnostics, and not so long ago visited on the survey. Each time was amazed at the quality of German medicine and professionalism. All that remains is to Express my gratitude to Dr. Bull and his subordinat..

13 october 2017

Ivan Novikov 

Moscow, October 2017. Rarely write reviews, but this case is when really can recommend this clinic and doctor. He received treatment from Dr. Gerhard Hoffman in the vascular surgery clinic. Needed urgent help in the Hospital Solingen and not regretted never. About how our German hospitals are distinguished not even going to write a completely different atmosphere and attitude to patients. Clean,..

23 july 2017

Konstantin Rybakov 

I have the most positive experience of treatment at the clinic Solingen. In my case it was cancer. Very attentive attitude of the staff towards patients. After Russia, where cancer patients are seen as a potential dead in the clinic Solingen struck by the positive attitude and positive, which the clinic staff constantly charges the patients. moreover, it is clear that it is not artificial..

05 june 2017

Elena, Kaliningrad, Russia 

5 Jun 2017 The father for several years had problems with that leg, all the same age, and varicose veins (72 years) is normal. Reached terrible pain, which he could not even safely walk. Sought help and treatment, not one doctor even went to Peter, but, alas, all in vain. But for a man of his age, able to walk around, perhaps one of the few joys. Friends advised to receive medical treatment in Is..

13 may 2017

Valentine, Perm, may 2017 

Some time ago I started to have problems with health. Doctors in one voice said that this age. But I didn't let go of doubt in their words. Went to Moscow, where I put different diagnoses, but no one really had nothing to say. Decided I needed to go abroad. Asked my son to find something suitable at normal prices. Ended up in Solingen where after several tests and sonography of the thyroid gland f..

13 april 2017

Ksenia Selivanova, Ukraine, April 2017 

For almost two years suffered from terrible back pain and this despite the fact that I'm only 29 years old. And when it was not only painful to walk, but to sit, went to the doctor. After the scheduled MRI revealed that I had disc herniation. Decided not to risk the health and to be treated by us, so after consulting with his family decided to fly to Germany. In Dusseldorf I was in the Department ..

01 april 2017

Vsevolod, Russia 

I had big problems with the esophagus after ulcers due to narrowing. Ate mostly very liquid food. The doctor said it may eventually pass, but maybe not. When tried to eat something more solid that ended tragically. My daughter and her husband insisted on a trip to Germany, even the all found and made. At the clinic I had treatment with stretching, if I am not mistaken is called probing, and then e..

08 march 2017

Lily, Balti, Moldova 

A couple of years ago, the doctors diagnosed mom coronary heart disease. Like anything scary like that. Sure every third man after the age of 50 years, has something similar. But still, there are some risks. Who faced with similar, knows about the problems with a continual shortness of breath, occasional seizures, and so on. In General, our medicine hopes not. Cardiologist advised to have coronary..

23 february 2017

David and Irina, Moscow, Russia 

My husband is desperate to have children: so many years of marriage, but no way. Only hope is IVF. Although we have wonderful doctors there are, however, no specific causes and problems with conception could not find. Throughout the year, was looking for a clinic that will match our financial capacity, and eventually found a Solingen. I would like to acknowledge the work of the guys from the inter..

14 february 2017

Arkady Leonov, Krasnodar, Russia 

Almost a year ago, was in a crash, resulting in a damaged hip joint. There were other injuries, but not so serious. To say that pain under load was strong is an understatement. Kept on some analgesics, as no other treatment to our clinics could not. Even banal physical therapy had to join the queue. Heard about German hospitals, so when don't have anything left, decided to go to Germany. After rea..

03 november 2016

Review by Natalia 

Wanted to thank you for the selection of clinics and individual approach to each. You provide very convenient services for the people of the other country, as a man who knows the language is hard to find a clinic that is in this area that need special thanks to the doctors and to the clinic for service and good attitude to us. Of course, knowledgeable staff, helped me to make the correct diag..

25 october 2016

Review from: George Semkin  

My father (67 years) in June-July 2013, was treated in Solingen, Stadtisches Klinikum. Cancer of the trachea with the lung metastases. The tumor in the trachea discovered in September 2015. It in the 62nd hospital to be treated, in fact, refused. We ended up in Germany. During the first (week) of the visit was a General checkup. The surgery had to be abandoned for medical reasons. Unfortunately, a..

05 october 2016

Feedback from: Family Golyshev 

Went for examination on the system of check-up. Was very pleased with the selection of the clinic, qualifications of translators, accommodation, translation into Russian language medical documents, scheduling of stay. To us very carefully and conscientiously treated. Visit were satisfied and grateful for their help. Link to the opinion in the original

03 october 2016

Review by Elena; September 30, 2016.  

Addressed a problem in our family after her husband refused doctor in Israel. He's had a relapse of a brain tumor.Very quickly and clearly the staff picked up another doctor, the clinic in Germany. Suggested options to choose from. All very quickly, accurately and professionally. I want to say a big thank you to Catherine Kochergin and Maria and Alexandra from the international office of the clini..

14 september 2016

Review by sevenfold. B. I., 12 Jan 2016. 

With quiet soul can rekomendovat orthopedic Department of the city clinical hospital in Solingen and especially its Director Professor Flohe. The situation before reporting to the clinic was critical. Russia refused to heal, all previous operations have not been successful. All the therapy I was in good hands. Assistance was provided at any time of the day. All problems were solved quickly and com..

09 september 2016

Review of: Hope, Minsk 

At the checkup the gynecologist I found the seal and sent for a mammogram. Turned out to be breast cancer, you need to remove the left breast, to undergo courses of chemotherapy... I was terrified. In Internet read reviews about the treatment in Germany and decided that there is nothing to lose. Price/quality chose city hospital in the city of Solingen. I was doobsledovanie, and said that the brea..

23 january 2016

Review by Ivan Bezborodov (Moscow), 17 Jan 2016. 

My mom was going through diagnosis in the gynecological clinic Dr. Hensa. From the first minutes of stay in Germany, the staff of the international division, was surrounded with attention and care. My worries about the language barrier proved to be in vain. Alexander translated into high level semantic cords, but managed to convey the attitude of the physicians. The mother accompanied and helped w..

19 january 2016

Review by Yuri, Moscow, 12 January 2016. 

I have 3 years of ulcerative colitis, but in recent months there were some discomfort in the abdomen. Gastroenterologists had nothing to say, except that this symptoms of colitis, studies nothing was found. I suffered for 3 months and decided to be treated in Germany. Through this website contacted the hospital Zolinger, learned pre-prices. Almost immediately, doctors found colon cancer (stage 1A)..

10 january 2016

Feedback from: Mr, Ryazan, 30 Dec 2015. 

A huge thanks to the team gastroenterologicheskoe clinic and especially to Professor Pfaffenbach for excellence in the treatment of my father (pancreatic tumor). Diagnosis and treatment (chemotherapy) was organized in the shortest possible time (December 2015). I hope that visible results will be long-term. Many thanks for your efficient coordination and resolution of all issues in the treatment p..

03 december 2015

Review by Bylinkina N. A. 18, 2015. 

I was fortunate in a difficult moment of life to meet with Mary and Alexandra. They quickly and professionally arranged for me the treatment. After a course of radiation therapy back pain has virtually disappeared. Thank you for hosting and maintenance. Success! Link to the opinion in the original

23 october 2015

Review by Incognito, Perm, 14, 2015. 

I want to Express my gratitude for the organization of my comprehensive examination in the cardiological Department of the clinical hospital in Solingen. Everything went exactly as was discussed on the phone - meeting at the airport and escort to the clinic and beyond. I want to note the professionalism of the entire staff, and especially Maria and Alexandra. Finally I was faced with the final dia..

05 august 2015

Review from: V. I. Bashing, August 3, 2015. 

He received treatment at the orthopaedic Department at prof Floe. After two eaten up operations in Russia as the knee only got worse. Conducted in a clinic in Solingen therapy saved me from pain and restored function of the knee joint. Many thanks to Maria for helping in the organization of treatment, the selection of specialist and support throughout the treatment. Link to the opinion in the ori..

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