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Konstantin Rybakov


I have the most positive experience of treatment at the clinic Solingen. In my case it was cancer. Very attentive attitude of the staff towards patients. After Russia, where cancer patients are seen as a potential dead in the clinic Solingen struck by the positive attitude and positive, which the clinic staff constantly charges the patients. moreover, it is clear that it is not artificially cheerful, and sincere feelings and attitude of people. All ready to come to you on any matter. As a result, the patient from the first day formed a positive attitude, which is very important in fighting this disease. This is very conducive to constant monitoring of your condition: constant monitoring of your weight weekly blood tests. Physicians, or, if necessary, international office of the clinic are patients in constant contact and ready to help and advise on side effects and other issues. Also striking is, for example, that during the 5-hour sessions of chemotherapy in the chamber of the messengers come and offer to bring drinks and snacks from the cafeteria of the clinic.   2. The use of modern methods of treatment. The clinic operations are carried out using lasers, chemotherapy is performed with implantable venous ports, which allows to reduce the dose of chemical drugs while maintaining the effect. Also the clinic is very serious diagnostic equipment - CT, MRI, ultrasound.   3. Very professional and responsible doctors and other professionals. The doctors of the clinic experience 20+ years, seen a lot of practical experience and awareness about modern methods of treatment. if necessary, they showed international protocols and recommendations of international professional associations for the treatment of certain diseases, has always given exhaustive comments on my questions.   4. Beautiful nature around the clinic. Pedestrian and Bicycle paths, forest and parks, the Botanical garden of Solingen in the 500-600 meters from the clinic, the birds singing - all this also contributes to positive mood and helps to make daily walks in this beautiful nature. Constantine      

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