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M. Lobkina, Russia


A month ago, during a routine examination, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I myself am a doctor and have heard a lot of positive things about clinics in Germany and German doctors. Due to the lack of knowledge of German, tight work schedules, as well as complete confusion due to the current situation, I simply did not know how to act correctly. Fortunately, I did not think for a long time and decided to go to Germany. Solingen Clinic has chosen on the Internet. The Russian-speaking coordinator quickly responded and helped with the organization. Of course, having a passport in my country hastened the process. In my situation it was impossible to pull. The clinic was in my profile - one of the best in Germany! The operation went well. I recovered very quickly. I was very pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere in the clinic. I did not feel that I was in the hospital. Branch rather like a good hotel. The staff is very friendly. There is something to learn from the Germans. So much staff positive and very good energy. Accordingly, patients feel different. Now I have to be irradiated. Dr. Seifert advised me to undergo irradiation at the CDT-West clinic in Cologne. This is the newest specialized radiotherapy clinic in the region. Next week I should start therapy. I really hope that everything will be fine. Thanks to the international department for support and all medical staff special thanks.
M. Lobkina

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