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Painless clinic

Painless clinic

After surgery, analgesia is an important factor for a quick and full recovery.

While analgesic therapy promotes both good health and speedy recovery process, as positive mental state gives the power to self-repair.

Effective treatment of pain is also shown for several reasons. For example, chest pain can lead to the development of rapid shallow breathing in a patient.

Pain may also prevent patients visit physiotherapy sessions, which are very important to overcome the postoperative weakness of the body and a speedy return to active life.

Subjective feelings, individual therapy

Up to now, there is no practical way to objectively measure pain. Taking into account the above, the problem becomes really clear: crucial to the successful treatment of pain is the already subjective, absolutely personal feeling pain.

To provide optimal therapy of pain, we will not assign a shared standard doses of certain medications. We will ask about Your pain and choose the individual drugs depending on Your answers and physical needs.

Applied research therapy pain

Thus, in order to offer optimal therapy of pain of each patient, from 2013 we are taking part in the QUIPS project. Project QUIPS stands for "quality improvement in postoperative pain therapy" and it is a large-scale interdisciplinary research project to improve treatment of acute pain in the hospital.

Numerous hospitals in Germany conducted a survey among their patients according to standardized methods about their subjective feelings of pain in the framework of the project QUIPS and simultaneously collect data about the taken drugs. The collected data is sent anonymously and centrally analyzed. Thus, the tracked model of treatment and its success.

This information is used by our certified doctors and Junior staff to continually improve knowledge and optimize individual pain therapy.

On this day in cardiology Essen-Huttrop have addressed this question more than 1 000 patients. The results show an obvious reduction in postoperative pain and higher patient satisfaction.


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