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How safe is the DaVinci Xi?

Robotic surgery is even more precise and gentle on the patient and can reduce the duration of the operation, including anaesthesia. Thanks to lighting technology and a three-dimensional camera, the surgeon can even better recognise delicate structures such as nerves or vessels.
How is the DaVinci Xi surgical robot designed?

The DaVinci Xi consists of a surgeon's console, a computer tower and a patient trolley. The surgeon uses the surgeon's console to control the instruments attached to the patient trolley. Control is transferred via the computer tower, which acts between the components. The surgeon uses the control console to control four arms and the video tower.

The operator controls the robot arms in real time using arm movements. The DaVinci Xi is based on the so-called Master-Slave robot system. The robot cannot make independent movements. Rather, it is an outstretched hand of a surgeon.

How does the robotic surgery work?

With the DaVinci system, all instruments are introduced into the abdomen through tiny incisions in a minimally invasive manner: a key innovation is that the movements of the surgeon's hand can be transferred to the surgical instruments with extreme precision, completely without shaking, with all the freedom and with 10x 3D magnification.

The system works by means of the surgeon's intelligent remote control of miniature hands in the operating theatre. It connects two fingers of each hand in loops and can thus act 'as usual’. It detects the view using a camera controlled by a foot pedal. As under the operating microscope, it can arbitrarily magnify the operating field.

Surgeons are always monitoring the situation: if they remove their fingers from the loop or interrupt contact with the camera, nothing will move.

How safe is the DaVinci Xi?

Robotic surgery means maximum safety. The robot does not make any independent movements. Rather, it depends on the commands and actions of the surgeon. For example, if the operator interrupts communication with the console, the DaVinci Xi also stops working immediately (robot-assisted Master-Slave system).

Various departments at the Solingen clinic can use this special surgical technique of the DaVinci Surgical System:
- Urologists
- General, visceral and oncological surgeons
- Gynaecologists

Experienced surgeons at the Solingen clinic use the DaVinci Xi artificial intelligence support especially for highly complex cases and for interdisciplinary interventions.


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